We hope that Oldhead Webseries has the chance to educate the youth and the community about the honest repercussions of the decisions you make. By seeing this series we hope to inspire and reduce recidivism within these communities.
“Our decisions determine the outcomes of our lives”
“We need to learn the ins and outs so we can survive”
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Student Web Series “Oldhead” To Start Second Season
You hear about it all the time. Athletes that leave the sport they love to pursue more meaningful, purposeful ventures. Pat Tillman–may he rest in peace–left the Arizona Cardinals in 2002 to join the army. Tiki Barber left football at the height of his career to do broadcast journalism. More recently, Larry Sanders, a key part of a young, promising and exciting Milwaukee Bucks team, walked away from nearly $30 million to meditate and regain control of his mental health. Tony Chennault‘s story is similar in its abrupt nature, but tragedy struck his life in a way that nearly left him no choice.
Coming off of the success of Oldhead’s first season, Tony Chennault, IHHE class of 2017, is set to start off the second season with an event-filled weekend.
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Get Ready for Season 3 of "Oldhead" the Webseries
The ‘Oldhead’ web series, gives an authentic depiction of some of the socioeconomic issues inner-city youth face such as drugs, violence, and a lack of resources. An “oldhead” is an authority figure who passes down wisdom to the younger generation. In creating this series, our mission is to use our content as a medium to drive social change. In the first two seasons of ‘Oldhead,’ we have accumulated over 700,000 views on our YouTube channel.
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